Merchants with a Mission

Modern Fiber curates an exclusive collection of authentic, handcrafted products and artisan treasures, sourced from cultural traditions around the world. Our merchandise is carefully selected for its quality, unique design motifs and enduring natural beauty – symbolizing a depth of character that appeals to both collectors and people who enjoy a sense of global heritage in their own contemporary style. Read more about our philosophy.


Hal Myers

A seeker of adventure, but mostly of depth – and how that’s revealed through random acts of compassion. As a world traveler and award-winning photographer, Hal is interested in what makes a product or culture unique and how that value can be continually sustained.

Barbara Ruffini

Daydreamer with wanderlust. Lover of art, music, literature, the warmth of the sun, starry skies, Wes Anderson movies, Hemingway summers and late-night dance parties. Seeker of truth and beauty, authenticity, love and kindness... and especially, genuine style.

Sadiq Tawfiq

Recipient of the U.N's Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award, Sadiq is a man of the world – but most of all a humanitarian. With more than 30 years in the antique rugs and collectibles business, he brings deep experience to the global procurement process.

World View

Collectively, Modern Fiber has more than 100 years of global travel experience. In the world of merchandise, that’s antique; for the experts running our store, that’s a rich and varied legacy of exploring global cultures that have endeared us to local communities and inspired a commitment to preserving their culturally important traditions. This expertise extends from the Middle East to Asia to Central and South America, but is firmly ground in the trademark American ideal of human compassion – as well as a growing respect for living in collaboration with each other and the environment, and not simply capitalizing on them. It’s an exciting time!


Along this “silk road” we continue to travel, Modern Fiber has acquired an increasingly deeper understanding of what makes a global destination unique. Importantly, we’ve developed meaningful and lasting relationships within these locations – with villagers, local artisans, other artists, entrepreneurs, families, friends… individuals of character who seek the same things in life: enduring value in the items they own (which tend to be few but symbolically relevant) and a strong appreciation for the way that culture helps to promote, and strengthen, our human connections. Contrary to forces trying to pull us apart, the colorful threads of diversity are what bind the world closer together, much like an Afghan rug or a handmade rebozo, whose strength is derived from the alternating warp and weft of their interwoven fibers.


One of our favorite kindred spirits is Dawn Feuerberg, who operates a highly personalize travel service called Viva Tours Abroad. We go back years with Dawn, but suffice it to say she is an enlightened soul who understands and values the genuine art of discovery travel, and is both well connected and extremely enthusiastic about sharing her access with others. Dawn organizes occasional group tours to unique locations, like one of our favorites (Oaxaca), and her guests tend to be effusive in their endorsement of Dawn and their life-changing travel experiences. If you’re interested in learning more, click HERE for information on her programs and tours. Because Dawn is so popular, you’ll need to book well in advance – but the silk road on which Viva & company travel is worth taking that step.