Once your choice of colors is made, proceed to checkout or add another pair. Because Mukausns are made from upcycled yarn in a variety of colorful patterns, each pair is unique – and what makes your Mukasuns special! Rest assured, we’ll do our best to handpick the right pair for you.

Genuine Soul

Mukasuns make you feel good.

Mukasuns are made of comfortable, hand-woven wool and other upcycled materials – creating a wonderfully cozy “slipper sock” with leather sole that can be worn around the house, at the beach, on the plane or just hanging out on the couch. Each pair is carefully woven together by the Hazara tribespeople of northern Afghanistan, who employ a quality of craftsmanship that inherits techniques used in legendary rug making. So grab a pair and give your feet some love. Whenever you slip into Muks, life just feels really good!

How can I buy a pair in person?

Modern Fiber participates in craft fairs and local markets throughout Southern California, and partners directly with retailers who share the common ideal of supporting artisans though the sale of exceptional products. Occasionally we hold trunk sales in a backyard or other relaxing purchase setting. Check our calendar to find out where you can get your hands (and feet!) on a pair.

Event Calendar

We’re a shop and would like to carry Mukasuns.

You’ve come to the home of the original Mukasuns – made in Afghanistan, imported only by Modern Fiber. With a steady and reliable supply chain, we’re committed to filling your order in a consistent and dependable manner based on an established network of partners – supplying you with what promises to become an iconic brand of imported footwear. Write or give us a call.


What’s the history?

The beauty of the Hazara’s handiwork is their ability to adapt available materials like local sheep’s wool, leather and colorful winter sweaters to a practical need – but to do so with caring hands that knit hundreds of years of tradition into every sock. This makes each pair of Mukasuns both unique in design and inherently special: you’ll be wearing protective footwear made by a mountain people who have witnessed legendary crusades, the rise and fall of empires and the very forging of the Silk Road, over which today’s modern caravans of trucks and the occasional nomad continue to travel. Mukasuns are history in the making, made to make you feel good. Click below to learn more.

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