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Our main product line, called Mukasuns, literally embodies the ideals of Modern Fiber, offering the modern conveniences of warmth and comfort in a traditional mukluk design. Each pair is carefully woven together by the Hazara tribespeople of central Afghanistan, who employ a quality of craftsmanship that inherits techniques used in legendary Afghan rug making. It’s this deep cultural access that enables Modern Fiber to introduce unique purchase opportunities from around the world, helping to nurture, and ultimately sustain, local economies and their endangered forms of creative expression.

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Cheaply produced domestic goods and foreign imports have flooded the market to the extent there’s a powerful new consumer ideal taking hold – one that prizes value over the lust for simple possession. In fact, the last several years have witnessed a significant uptick in taste for high-quality, locally produced retail goods. Thanks in part to “template fatigue” that comes from a lifestyle attached to a coterie of national franchises, both the media and our increasingly interconnected world have spawned a growing appreciation for products rooted in quality and time-honored development processes.

This speaks to the more crafted forms of small-scale production that deliver character and style of lasting substance – the fiber of a society. Popular trends, and a rebounding U.S. economy, have generated an annual growth rate of more than 8% in the antiquities and collectibles market since the end of the Great Recession, further pointing to a renewed emphasis on cultural preservation. With this resurgence, Modern Fiber makes available high-quality goods that are thoughtfully acquired based on the long-term value they promise to bring to their owner.

We hope you will consider shopping Modern Fiber because of our roots in this creative authenticity, perhaps better aligning with your personal identity as a consumer and the goal of actively supporting the local communities on which our global well-being depends.