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You’d be forgiven for thinking this collection of Modern Fiber treasures arrived in the store after rubbing the tummy of a genie, or was spirited out of a scene from Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Rest assured, each piece has been gainfully acquired by the Modern Fiber team and our master curator, Sadiq Tawfiq, who has been collecting native art for most of his life. When sourcing antiques and collectibles throughout the Middle East and Asia, Sadiq is always certain to choose one of the most precious objects for sale by an artist or craftsman. Included among these treasures is one of the most extensive collections of antique rugs in Southern California. For investors, homeowners and interior decorators, you’ll find the quality of our handwoven pile and fine woven rugs unmatched – and, literally, the product of decades of careful collecting, often in remote regions of Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and elsewhere.
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